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Happiness is like the wind, it almost never disappears. Its spirit moves around freely and eloquently, without preference of race and gender, looking for a host to pour its pure sensations. And when it’s finally captured, it quickly manifests into rage, lasting only a few minutes, a few seconds or no time at all. The pain overtakes the brain as it pleases, as the wind and tides become high again.

Happiness is everywhere, but it has a tough time looking for the right host. We are ungrateful of its divine courteousness. We think to deep, become angry too easily, and pretend happiness is never around for us. Happiness is always there, and it cries and feels for you.

Happiness is good, it waits hours, days and even years for you. It gets old and tired but it never gives up. Its time you look up and welcome happiness with open arms. Let the rage out in the wild – out there it’s no match for happiness. Anger is obliterated and converted into thin air. But as vulnerable as it may seem, anger carries a powerful black smog that quickly alternates between sadness and depression. Don’t let it come in again.

Meditate and release the alpha waves, for anger eventually gives up on its bad intentions. Anger is slow and inpatient. Make no mistake, anger always lingers in the dark, whining for attention until it claims yet another victim. And the struggle begins all over again. Anger is an influencer of the worst kind. It portrays itself as the king of emotions and it pretends it’s important to overcome the challenges of life. Be careful, don’t give in too easily. It hates being looked in the eyes, so it forces you to keep your head down at all times. Anger makes tantrums the size of clouds. At times, it becomes so upset it disguises itself as sadness through rain.

But hope comes to the rescue again. The sun rises and the happy winds dry up the sad, wet benches in the park. Anger is always there trying to rain on your parade. It’s a constant battle that happiness is willing to fight along with you. So never forget to be thankful to the wind. More than anything, be joyous and keep fighting the rainy days up ahead.