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A recent storm that goes by the name of “Trump” has opened my eyes in many ways. It is obvious that the name “Trump” brings catastrophe and high emotions into the conversation.

In fact, there isn’t a single narrative about this interesting figure that doesn’t involve hate or cynicism. It is alarming to say the least. But what’s more alarming is that the “golden hair” president is helping to expose some of the biased leaders of today, not to mention the list of bogus media houses. These are the random recoils that life has in store for us.

Media is out scope and here I am only referring to doctors, entrepreneurs, professors, presidents, and the remaining list of “incredibles.” These people complain more than anything, and they just can’t deal with the fact that there is a new leader of the free world – a leader of leaders.

Their tone is harsh, lame, and destructive. They have lost their identity, their principles, and their obligations to those who look up to them. I wouldn’t expect any less since most of the leaders that come to mind are somewhat self-absorbed – lost in their own fantasy.

It’s best we don’t mention any names. But the least they can do is offer alternatives and objective commentaries on this whole “Trump” situation. It’s okay to be human once.

I believe enough is enough. I have heard nothing but whining from everyone with a “billion collar” tag. The least these people can do is just give the guy a break – an opportunity to make things right. Instead of being all over him like piranhas on the brink of cannibalism. We have lost civility. We need our leaders back – our real leaders. In short, I am witnessing the dawn of a new era, where being objective is completely disregarded. Even the president doesn’t know how to keep it together. We need objectiveness to drive things in the right direction. The bottom-line is that such quality or trait (objectiveness) is only taught in school – an experience some of these leaders lack, anyhow. This is not an insult; it is a harsh example of an objective statement, based purely on facts.

Let that be an example of how to expose someone without relying on an extravagant and weak “grudge.” The next time we say something about Trump, let us be more objective and fair. We don’t help with our subjectiveness, our emotions, and our loud mouths. Our values and reputation are on the line. Let us not give in to rage but remain strong and bold. There is a sun that’s willing to rise every morning for us, we should the same for our neighbors, friends, and family – we have the obligation to do so. Last but not least, let’s keep our composure together – that is all we have left.

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