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Feeling confident about being able to execute that big idea and turn it into a sustainable business? Naturally, a second question arises: Do you have the man-power and collective intelligence to execute on that idea.

The feeling of confidence is not the same as the feeling of drive and vision. Motivation is nothing without end goals. I guess what I am trying to say is that you need a dream team. More importantly, for your idea or business to prosper, you need to find the best leaders.

The same goes for writing, broadcasting, researching, and just about any trade left in the market today.

Our world has seen a sudden rise in computation speed and artificial intelligence (AI). The potential for business has been slashed in two, as machines continue to replace ideas and the working class.

But wait! There is more: Internet is now being delivered to the most remote corners of the world, in the most unexpected ways – balloons, next-gen aviation and low earth orbit (LEO) satellites. What does this mean for your business and ideas? I see it as another catalyst; another rise of intelligence. Like AI, it also means that careers and business opportunities are reduced to triple digits.

In simple terms, our comrades from the most distant and unreachable places of the earth now have the same technology as us. This encourages them to work tirelessly on the same ideas as us. The “fake it till you make it” system of life is about to be exposed and would require state-of-the-art internal system repair. System malfunction in today’s streamlined business ecosystem is like fashion without color.

Still feeling confident? I am not trying to rain on your parade. The truth of the matter is that without a team and a smarter set of people around you, you might as well just donate that VC money to a good cause. It is a fierce world out there. Plan and strategize like never before.

And as for your friend confidence, you better put him under a leash. Confidence distorts the imagination and your goals. Use it only when you must, and put it aside when you are implementing the next big thing.