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Synposis: Hello everyone, I am Elvis. This is a trailer or sort of an introductory video of a new YouTube series I am working on. The series is called “Friendly Data Science”. As the name implies, the main goal of the series is to teach both students and practitioners how to put the “you” in Data Science. And by data science, I am referring to fields such as machine learning, text mining, data mining, natural language processing, deep learning, and many other related fields. From what’s been said, machines are said to replace the human workforce in the next coming decade. In this series, I will explain to you why this may not be the case. In fact, this whole series focuses on how to take a humanistic approach in teaching machines how to think like humans. This involves imparting on machines ethical values and our common understanding of the world. I will explain in depth what I mean by these ideas as I go through the presentation.