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I have been playing around with Javascript web-frameworks (Facebook’s React JS and Googles’s Angular JS) lately and I am wondering how in the world Javascript went mainstream. What I am trying to say is that it’s ugly as hell. When you come to think about it, its popularity actually makes a bit of sense compared to all the crazy stuff going on in the internet lately (i.e. Snowden joins Twitter).

I will leave you with this chart below where you might be able to find a few leads that explain why this programming language packs a punch.

alt text

There are no words to describe the feeling of typing countless of paranthesis and semicolons. It feels redundant. I feel like the language itself was made so complex to scare programmers away. Nonetheless, after typing thousands of these annoying characters (semi-colons and brackets), you realize that the language is training you to be diplomatic about programming. In other words, this is not a language for lazy and undisciplined programmers.

If you want to jump into Javascript-based frameworks be prepared to pull your hair and grind your teeth a few times before you get the gist of it. Good Luck!!!