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As a computer science Ph.D. researcher, there is little physical activity going on in my life at the moment. By little, I mean absolutely none. Frankly, the most activity I am getting recently is just those frequent trips to the toilet; they are signs of old age, nothing to get excited about. Wow! I am getting old.

As a consolation, I have decided to become more active by taking early morning walks, which lead to huge delicious breakfasts; that didn’t work. Effort drowned effortlessly with the glorious taste of Asian cuisine. I am the only one to blame for my bad habits.

As you can imagine, researchers have very little time, especially one that just recently turned a dad. I sit and think of the next strategy for maintaining optimal health. Ideas surrender with yet another academic deadline on the horizon. The story of my life!

Once more the sunset is drawing near and when night falls my eyes are weary and my feet are numb. My fingers are more or less in an immobile state. In the darkness, it is fair to say that not much physical activity goes on. Okay, I admit it! Some do happen but that won’t help to keep me going for the rest of the years to come.

I must say that programming consumes a guy way more than it should. My code doesn’t crash, it loops to infinity with bugs that are mean as hell. They never seem to disappear, multiplying like rabbits on steroids.

So how can I get the right exercise to stay in a legit shape and be able to make it to a decent age? 40 is okayish but I guess 70 is not so much to ask. It is difficult to make time to sweat the extra calories, which by the way are not really adding to something special. I sense a lump somewhere, a mysterious sickness lurking in my blood stream. The doctor’s recent diagnosis indicates that blood levels are okay. I can breathe yet another month without stress. The wait got me sicker than how I initially felt. Blood tests are life-savers. On that note, go get yours checked up.

Why is it so hard to get up and just take a walk? A random walk to meditate on the fast-approaching future. I already forgot social media, so I should be able to quickly rise up to the challenge. The time is there, and I have no excuses. Am I lazy as the old rumour has it? I guess I shouldn’t be doubting myself since that doesn’t help in any way.

I am straying away from the main topic here since I have little sense of time. You can clearly see that the coordination between my body and mind has been compromised.

And then there it is – the little push one needs to take a five, actually 60 minutes. Pokemon GO just happened. It sticks and it stinks at the same time. But can you imagine how much it already made me walk in the past few days? Kilometers of healing and rejuvenation. It is annoying to feel like an uncontrollable zombie. But it also feels good to sweat the dormant toxic under the skin. All that malicious fat – the leading cause of heart attacks.

We deserve medical care and technology that cares. The creators were not seeking to help but they have made a pretty decent piece of technology that is helping people, even old people. It makes me hopeful to see how technology can have a positive impact on society. Because recently, I have been witnessing some disappointing efforts.

I am glad for the miles I walk and the amount I talk. Not about the game but about the wonderful things it has given us. Now I have at least one reason to walk and get my physical health back on track. Thank you Niantic Labs, I bet even you guys are shocked by the series of positive feedback you are getting from gamers, trainers or whatever you call them nowadays. That is what technology is about: for progress. Well done! I am going for another little adventure now, Goodbye!