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One step at a time.

We have heard this saying more than we have taken an elevator. While we are on this topic, did you know that elevators literally prevent you from taking small steps, which in turn lead to retention of unnecessary calories. Something you already knew, but here is what you may have missed.

Before machines became a thing, how did early humans took steps (I am not referring to walking steps)? Was every new experience handled “one step at a time?” I bet they did, since there wasn’t much to do those days than just survive to see another day. Regardless of their initial lack of understanding, these people lived risky, incredible and stress-free lives. So what has changed in our time?

I’ve been solving problems since I was 3 years old – that is roughly when I started school. Similar to those early human beings, as a kid, I had a particular interest in interacting with surrounding objects – pencils, crayons, Lego blocks, puzzles, stickers, cards, and so on. I mean, which kid doesn’t. I use to love solving enormous puzzles… one puzzle-piece at a time. I miss those days since they represent the most carefree time I ever lived.

Actually, I still have an interest in these objects but I barely interact with them now; they just gather dust on top of my old, rocking mahogany table. In most cases, I prefer to sit by my perfectly-aligned table, and use the computer to get things done – it solves all my problems, and in less time. But does it really solve all my problems?

Cars, elevators, and computers solve two big problems for you: reaching your destination, and completing your day’s work. In total, you only took two steps to solve two problems, and in the process created a million new ones: countless health issues, a ridiculous gas bill, and an opportunity to engage in dialogue with your new coworker.

Did you miss something here? Yes, I feel you missed a lot. The day went by too fast, that you forgot to smile with your neighbor, listen to the classic jazz beat playing in the background, and avoided the birds whistling sweet songs for you. You basically missed everything. Lucky for you, there is always hope for another day, where we can take u-turns as we please.

Today, for a change, I encourage you to approach your beginning and end of the day in a “one step at a time” approach, and I promise positive results. At worst, you will miss all your morning emails and Facebook notifications. At best, you will discover something that’s been patiently waiting for you all this time – a new business partner or even your future spouse. You see, it really does matter. Take your time, in fact, take it one step at a time.

This doesn’t mean you should relax :link:, it just means that you should break these systems into the smaller components, and tackle them individually, one step at a time. This includes living, cooking, loving, coding, painting, reading, and whatever else it is that you would like to spend your day on.

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