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If you are a Windows user you might have come across the important task of rotating images or photos. I am pretty sure you might have rotated your images in the wrong direction a couple of times - given that you often scan content. It happens to me all the time. I am always thinking why Microsoft hasn’t solve this issue. It is probably because people are not scanning as much as before. Probably not an important feature anyways. As a designer, I am always using this feature since I get to scan a lot of my drawings in the wrong angle. Anyways, I just think it is silly to still be facing this type of problem in environments that claim to be user-friendly.

Rotating an image should be as easy as cutting or deleting an image. With the current state of Computer Vision and image processing, there should already be technology that can automatically rotate an image in the right direction without the struggle of punishing your brain to decide which way to rotate an image.

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