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Synopsis: Hi everyone, welcome back to the “Friendly Data Science” series. Today we are going to discuss “What is a Tensor?” I will answer this question in two parts. In this video, part 1, we discuss the theoretical aspect of a tensor. In the second part, we are going to understand tensor in the context of a programming environment.

So, let us get started with part 1. The motivation behind this video is that I believe that before delving into any programming exercises or any mathematical explanation or definition of any particular concept, it is important to understand the basic units that are used in some of the most sophisticated computer science algorithms today. As programmers or analysts, we tend to ignore or simply avoid the need to understand certain rationales and characteristics of data and its structure, just because they seem unimportant or too complex. The bigger truth is that we make use of these concepts every day, so they should be important to our understanding of the world and the things we interact with. In this video, the main goal is to inspire a deeper understanding of the building blocks that enable effective data science today. One of those key concepts is the so-called tensor. In the next couple of minutes, we will go deeper into understanding what is a tensor, specifically as it relates to computer science and how it is used for machine learning and data representation.

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