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120 days and counting. That’s the amount of days I have spent away from social networks since I began counting. What is it about this counting that is so special, you might be wondering. Actually, a lot! But everything begins with a purpose.

Approximately four months ago, I decided to stay away from social networks and dedicate more time to the things I love most: my Family, my Writing and my Research life. I call them the FWR of life, which also represents the “Forward” button of life. Yes, it’s crazy talk, but it has taken me places in a fast-forward motion. Here, everything is fast, current and fast-accelerating. The strong winds have slowed down and my thoughts have sped up. The coffee cup seems to get no more attention, so no more can it lure me into despicable digression.

Light is fast, and it’s tough to compete with its speed, but I have sort of found a way to speed up everything I work on. There is no black magic or big magic, nor a rabbit under a black hat; it’s just that when time meets freedom, things are so dynamic and concurrent. These two natural forces are absolutely powerful – when managed properly, of course. When time meets freedom, it becomes a world filled with ideas, surrounded by epiphany after epiphany. A “eureka” moment here, an “aha” moment over there. The white keyboard letters disappear into an abysmal loop of hope. The slashing of fingers on plastic as timid-less as wild-fire. It’s grinding time. It’s crunch time. It’s your time. It’s my time.

It’s poetic redundancy, but I love it’s perennial effects. A seed planted with growth guaranteed. Such motion takes me into places. Not literal places, but a shift in knowledge paradigm. I love you freedom and time. Do your part and I promise to do mine.

Want more of these extracts? I have a ton of them! Just let me know in the comments section below.