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Where have all the creative juices gone? Or should I say, where have the creative emotions gone? This start almost sounds like the beginning of a poorly written rap song. The truth of the matter is that nothing is being created right now. Not a line of code; not a painting; definitely not a song; not even reading which doesn’t require too many creative juices. The bottom line is that I need to bring back those creative juices and make them flow as they used to – elegantly, freely, and fiercely.

I need something different – perhaps a different mindset. Social media is not what I need. I left it a long time ago, so I cannot blame it for my shortfall. I mean, there was a lot going on social media. Some of my inspiration came directly from there – and perhaps even for the wrong reasons. Could there be a better reason why I am running out of my creative juices that have nothing to do with me leaving social media? My emotions? Aging? My job? My research? Fatherhood? I beg that none of these are to blame for my mishap.

Whatever the case may be, I need my creative juices back. From a different perspective, this might just be a strange case where I thought that I had the creative juices when in reality I had none. As remote as that may seem, it could be very possible. With the landscape of things at the moment, mankind could have discovered the existence of alien life somewhere and I wouldn’t know it happened.

As a matter of fact, I am wondering at the moment if this writing has any creativity in it. I should ask myself these questions more regularly. It is not good to doubt oneself but it is good to always test oneself. Only you the readers can judge on that, however. I have no say here since there is no way for me to tell if I have completely ran out of creative goodness. Or maybe it is perfectly normal at this stage of my life. What if it never comes back? What if I never had any in the first place? Alarming stuff I must say. Don’t you dare laugh at my misery! It’s perfectly okay! You can go ahead and laugh out loud now, while I sort out the words to say in the next paragraph.

Some people say it is what you eat, some say it is what you read, and some even say it is what you had for breakfast that gets those creative juices going. I began drawing a lot earlier this year and now I don’t even know what the hell to draw. Look what I drew below.

alt text

Work of a crazy person don’t you think? Defying the laws of physics through doodles inspired by lamenting feelings. What was I thinking? Of course, I can’t defy the laws of physics – that is not my field first of all; but isn’t it that what creativity is all about – defying the well-established laws of life. Even when it seems that you are completely missing a good portion of that beautiful gray matter. I should know since all my life I have worked under a philosophy with a creative vision and drive for change. Heck, I even ran a company with “Creative” as part of its slogan.

Something is not right. Let me take a break and go heal myself mentally and physically. I hope the praying grounds are still intact and those creepy spiders have left. I should return as new – a well-polished man with the motivation of an aspiring artist. I need my creative juices to be on ‘Go’ mode… I need them back for good. I believe that I am still in time to perform this noble act.

Now that I remember, lately I am only reading heavy theoretical books to prepare for some exams in which there is a lot of memorizing going on. Maybe it is the part of the brain that is in charge of creativity that is not being activated frequently and it had seized to function. That could explain everything. The activation of other parts of the brain could even be suppressing it. I should say that the part of the brain in charge of my negative emotions is on top of its game. There is no doubt there. In fact, I must warn you. Don’t you dare upset me! Just kidding my friends! I am still shy and could take a “licking” as we like to say back home.

My overall feeling is that I should be able to learn more about what is happening and find a scientific explanation as to why my creative juices have abandoned me, especially at a crucial time like the one I am currently living in. I must find the remedy. I must say that it shouldn’t be hard for as long as I am true to myself and to everyone around me. Wish me luck my beautiful people.

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