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Researcher in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing - Affective Computing - Computational Social Science - Computational Health

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Key Projects

Current Projects

NLP Overview - 2018

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This project contains an overview of recent trends in deep learning based natural language processing (NLP). It covers the theoretical descriptions and implementation details behind deep learning models, such as recurrent neural networks (RNNs), convolutional neural networks (CNNs), and reinforcement learning, used to solve various NLP tasks and applications. The overview also contains a summary of state of the art results for NLP tasks such as machine translation, question answering, and dialogue systems.

Roles:: Co-Creator and Maintainer
Links: Website, GitHub, Medium
Main Technologies: Kramdown, KATEX, CSS, HTML, and GitHub Pages

Diverse Artificial Intelligence Research (dair.ai) - 2017

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dari.ai is a publication that aims to communicate and educate about AI technologies and research in a transparent and responsible manner.

Roles: Founder and Editor
Link: Medium, Website
Main Technologies: PyTorch, TensorFlow, Python, Elasticsearch, Keras, Plotly, spaCy, NLTK, Scikit-learn, Numpy, among others.

Data Science (YouTube Series) - 2017

From what’s been said, machines are said to replace the human workforce in the next coming decade. In this series, I will explain to you why this may not be the case. In fact, this whole series focuses on how to take a humanistic approach in teaching machines how to properly solve tasks with high effectiveness. This involves imparting on machines ethical values and our common understanding of the world. I will explain in depth what I mean by these ideas as I go through the series.

Roles: Content Creator and Video Editor
Links: YouTube Channel, GitHub
Main Technologies: Numpy and Python

The NLP Newsletter on GitHub - 2017

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The NLP Newsletter provides a weekly issue that curates the most important natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) news originating from both the industry and academia.

Roles: Creator and Editor
Links: Medium, GitHub

Past Projects

Secure URL Shortner Service - 2016

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An URL shortner is a service that basically renders a shorter url for the one being provided (usually long). In this project, we implemented this service in a secure way that allows users to auto-generate a short URL that is secure and shareable among users with proper permission. Additionally, authors and users with the proper permission are able to access a dashboard to obtain insights into the traffic information pertaining to the URL provided. For this classroom project we applied best practices in microservices architecture and service security to build both a secure API and front-end application.

Roles: Co-Creator, Front-end Developer/Designer, Database Administrator
Links: Website, GitHub
Main Technologies: HighCharts, Ruby Sinatra, PostgreSQL, HTML, CSS, among others.

Online Mental Disorder Detection - 2016

In this research project we built an interface that connects to a machine learning based API and allows a user to conduct natural language inference and analyze mental health signals from social media profiles.

Roles: Co-Creator, Co-Author, and Co-Developer
Links: GitHub, Demo
Main Technologies: Flask, Python, Javascript, HighCharts, Ruby Sinatra, NLTK, Twitter API, Scikit-learn, among others.

Multilingual Emotion Classifier - 2016

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This project consists of a simple web service used to classify text into its pertaining emotion. It works with languages such as English, Spanish and French. A Research project and demonstration presented in ASONAM 2015 conference.

Roles: Creator and Co-Author
Links: GitHub, Demo
Main Technologies: Java, Python, Ruby Sinatra, NLTK, Twitter API, Scikit-learn, among others.

EmoViz - Twitter Emotion & Interest Analysis - 2015

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In this project we extract and analyze global users’ interests using social media data.

Roles: Creator and Co-Author
Links: GitHub, Demo
Main Technologies: Javascript, D3.js, HTML, CSS, among others.

Kuai List - 2015

Kuai List was a social e-commerce website developed for the asian market. The service has been discontinued.

Roles: Founder and Developer
Main Technologies: Ruby on Rails, React.js, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB, Python, Amazon Web Services, HTML, CSS, among others.

iBelmopan - 2010

iBelmopan was a graphic designing and media company that designed infographics, visual interfaces, and marketing content. The company stopped operating in 2013.

Roles: Founder & Art Lead
Links: Website
Main Technologies: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Tableau, D3.js, among others.

Las Flores United FC - 2012

Las Flores United FC, renamed to La Juventud FC, is a futsal team playing elite futsal in the country of Belize. The goal of this futsal club was to train kids to get an opportunity to play national competition and get a chance to join the national team. The team was founded in 2012 and continues to have success, winning major tournaments in the premier fustal competition year after year.

Roles: Founder and Previous Manager/Trainer
Links: Facebook Page

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