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Resources for Data Scientist

The following are a collection of links and resources I have gathered over the past few years in my involvement with Data Science. Topics range from fundamental data concepts to state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms. Good luck in your journey learning to teach machines to think like humans. Note that these lists are not in any specific order. I plan to update them regularily and eventually provide a better curriculum to learn Data Science more efficiently. For now I will keep it simple and random, and provide as much references to as various topics as possible. Resources include papers, code repositories, slides, my own notes, courses, syllabus, tutorials, blog articles, other websites, etc.

Text Mining

Data Mining

Natural Language Processing

Deep Learning

Computational Mathematics

Probability Theory & Statistics

Machine Learnining

Data Structures

Coming Soon

Advance Database Concepts

Coming Soon

Operating System

Academic Research Methods

Coming Soon

If you have some suggestions to improve this list, please comment below or get in touch via my social handles; I will eventually create a Github repo to accept pull requests.