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Lately I have been participating in a lot of presentations — both at school and conferences — and one thing I have noticed is how effective visual presentations can be. Visuals reduce the amount of cognitive load that is required to better understand new content and concepts. The use of figures (e.g., charts, illustrations and flow charts) :bar_chart: is very effective for presenting complex research. These visual techniques are especially useful when presenting your work to a more diverse audience.

After designing posters for quiet some time, I have been approached by a lot of people asking me what approach I use to design my posters; the tools I use; the resources or the techniques applied. These people range from friends, research colleagues to even professors. In the following recorded videos I demonstrate how I go about designing demonstration posters.

Research posters are a lot different from the typical posters we see today. One of the differences is the seriousness :expressionless: required in academics. Additionally, the poster has to be designed in a very professional manner :necktie: – avoiding as much informal or ambiguous expressions as possible. Frankly, you don’t have to be too serious when designing demonstration posters. Ideally, you would want the poster to speak for itself and graphics is your friend :heart:.

In some cases, you still need to dedicate a huge amount of time :clock1: in presenting the poster effectively, especially when the content being presented is complex in nature. In such cases, the visuals are there to reduce the amount of attention required from the audience. This is important as people online are becoming more used to bite-sized content. Diagrams or well-prepared figures are perfect to address these matters.

Here are two recordings of demonstration posters I designed for a conference I participated in last year. You can find more information about this work :link: here. Again, you can use the same tricks to design any type of poster. I must warn you that the videos are a bit lengthy so you might want to take down some notes :clipboard: while you view them. Enjoy and I hope it helps you out to prepare your next demonstration poster!!!

:video_camera: Link to Video (Part 1)

:video_camera: Link to Video (Part 2)