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Recently, I have been paying a lot of attention to the word “surely”. In fact, I have been paying attention to a lot of special words because my studies require me to do so. Do we really know what “surely” means? From what I have read recently, studies show that approximately 100% of the time when the word “surely” is used, it is used inappropriately or in the wrong context. This is not an exaggeration – I am sure of that. So what’s the point of its existence then? Surely, to make sense out of something. If you have noticed, I have used the word “surely” two times in the span of two sentences. What is the connection between this word and our consciousness? What other interesting words are there that are heavily misused? Apparently, misusage of words is a thing? And I am eager to know what those are! They say a lot about our brain and personalities.

Let’s pay closer attention to what I am saying here. I am trying to say that the word “surely” is misused on almost every occasion it is used. Why? Because “surely” implies perfection – the perfection of knowledge, which is arguably not true. It suggests that you are so sure of some event or action occurring, even with all the uncertainties that exist.

Psychologists say that more studies need to be conducted so as to explain why these type of biased words are used so often and in the contexts in which they are used – even when we are aware of how inappropriate they are.

So in the future, whenever you hear the word “surely”, pay close attention to what’s being claimed. Chances are that the person speaking may actually be showing some form of weakness, when in fact the word is used to obtain the opposite result – confidence. Should we avoid using the word “surely?” When is it appropriate to use?

What are your thoughts on this one?